Fax, email, & Custom Printing Solutions

Do you feel behind the 8 ball, with the print jobs coming from your MultiValued application?  Are you still printing out forms & then scanning or faxing them?   Are you still printing on continues multi-part forms?   Let us help you generate  formatted print jobs, that can tie directly to email & faxing, or be saved as a .pdf document.

An example of some the area’s we have helped our clients in:

  • Print a fully formatted order, invoice, statement to a laser printer, instead of printing on forms paper.
  • Take printed output & save as a .pdf document.
  • Email and fax directly from the application, any document currently being printed & provide reporting back to system of what was sent & was transmission sucessful.
  • Save output normally printed, as an excel spread sheet.
  • document archiving

We have a number of tools we are proficient in, to enable us, to give our clients exactly what they are looking for.  Some of the tools we are using are:

  • Activefax – a windows fax and email server, that we can interface directly with from your MultiValued application.  We have also provided accounting back to the application, faxes & emails sent & whether the transmission was success or not.
  • UnForm – a windows service that allows us to create graphically enhanced print solutions that allow you to print your forms to a laser printer.
  • Print Wizard – a windows service that interprets markins embedded in pick print jobs, to format printed out,  independent of printer.

Let our expierenced team, help you achieve what you want, from the print jobs, from your MultiValued application.