Credit Card Processing

CCListenDSS 6.0 is Drexel Management’s latest credit card verification software release. CCListenDSS takes advantage of Mercury Payments System integrated solutions for PA-DSS compliant credit card processing software.

Whether you have JBASE, D3 or any other MDBS, credit card processing can be added to your existing application. No more using credit card machines to process orders!

CCListenDSS is a windows executable that runs on all windows platforms starting from WindowsXP and up. In short, the program waits for input files written by your POS to be dropped in its \IN directory, and sends the information to Mercury for credit card verification. After the credit card has been processed, the program creates a response text file record in the \OUT directory, with the same name as the file that was picked up in the \IN folder. Your POS then picks up this file to read the result.