MultiValue (Pick) Database


Valuable data and trusted applications are dependent on Multi-Value Databases.  Multi-Value Databases are known throughout the computing industry to get the absolute best performance out of any server.  These intuitive systems can rapidly change complex data reducing down-time for your environment.

jBASE is a world class Database Management System comprising development tools, middleware and a multi-dimensional database.  jBASE takes the best points of the relational database model and adds to it several significant benefits including ease of use, superb performance, small footprint and all the rich MultiValue features, making it ideally suited to all business uses from the Internet to OLAP to transactional applications.  The architecture is uniquely designed to allow all and any application development tools and backend databases to form part of a jBASE solution.

D3 is the choice of more than a thousand application developers worldwide serving top industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, retail and a large array of other vertical markets. D3 helps developers meet ever-changing business needs by providing the ability to rapidly build critical business applications in a fraction of the time as compared to other database environments.

Rocket Software’s D3 database management system offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to support dynamic growth. Built on the Pick Universal Data Model (UDM), D3 is simplistic in its structure but allows for complex definitions of data structures and program logic. The underlying D3 data structure provides software developers all the tools to rapidly develop and customize applications without compromising data integrity.